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Mobile port of an indie horror game

The Man from The Window is a free-to-play adventure from G S. that serves as a mobile port of the indie horror game of the same name from Zed_Technician. Like the original, you get to experience the relatable horror of having a children’s story actually come alive. 

Its low-poly graphics and the use of anthropomorphic animals make The Man from The Window an innocent-looking game that gives a good scare. Other similar games for mobile include the Backrooms Anomaly: Horror Game or Scary Gorgeous Granny Horror game for a good mix of horror and puzzle-solving.

Help Mama Rabbit save her young

The premise of The Man from The Window revolves around the man from your child’s storybook. After a set amount of time, a monster bursts through your door in search of a new friend. Playing as a mama rabbit, you’ll need to find places to hide yourself and your little one before the titular monster arrives. Scan around your apartment and find safe spots for you and your kid.

It is an effective horror because it is virtually impossible to nail the game on the first try. With a lot of unknowns, your first playthrough will serve as the tutorial that lets you know how much time you have and which of the locations work. The bigger Mama and the small child have different hiding spots that work for each of them, adding a layer of a puzzle-like approach.

A single run, whether successful or not, takes only about 10 minutes to complete. This short playthrough and the simple premise are offset by the availability of three ending scenarios depending on your choices and who survives. Also, the low-poly graphics in this port are made more blocky and jaggy, making it difficult to distinguish certain elements in the game.

Good mix of time pressure and horror

Like the original version, The Man from The Window remains a thrilling puzzle-horror experience. Its children’s storybook premise and the animal designs of the characters all seem to cater to young audiences, although the direction of its story definitely says otherwise. Feel free to explore all endings, although this version has an extra challenge brought about by the graphics quality.


  • Features a puzzle-horror gameplay experience
  • Character designs factor into the game


  • Short playthrough
  • Poor, low-poly graphics

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